should I get a half or full share?

If you tend to eat out several times a week or don't want an abundance of vegetables,

a half share will do.  If you love vegetables / cook from home most of the time,

or are sharing your share, a full share will be your choice

What can I expect in my weekly CSA?

Each week is different and your quantity may be less toward the beginning and end.

You are also welcome to add or swap produce if available.

Click to see a list of expected produce this year!

Why should I get a CSA?

Taste the difference; you are getting quality foods that are grown locally and in season.

Your produce has a longer shelf life and is more nutrient dense due to the quality of our organic soil. You are also supporting a small family business and can visit your source of food to see our regenerative farm operation.

Where do I receive my share? 

Pick up at Meade Market, Wednesday 3pm-7pm,  on Farm or delivery for $5/month 

What if I am out of town?

Double up the previous/latter week, have a friend/family pick it up for you,

or donate your share

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